Writing a Fantastic CV: 4 Simple Tips

At Paperchance, we have had the opportunity to help many people with their CV. A CV is great when it transmits a clear message to employers. A CV is fantastic when it lands the candidate the job he or she is looking for. So, how do you write a fantastic CV?


1. Be clear about what you do and what job you want


Your name should be at the top of your CV. Your current job title should follow your name and be displayed in a clear, bold font. Don’t be afraid of making this text big.




If you’re looking for a job as a copywriter but have little experience, you should still use this title. Employers are going to skim through your CV quickly and displaying this information is going to be of enormous help to them (and you).


A lot of people are not clear about what they do. Avoid this mistake — use a title under your name!

2. Write concisely


Don’t be too wordy. Employers expect to read a short summary of your experiences and not your complete autobiography.


What have you done and what type of person are you? Answer these question as succinctly as possible.


3. Relevant experiences at the top of your CV


Put the experiences that are most relevant for the position that you’re applying for at the top. Jobs that are less relevant should be kept at the bottom. They should not be displayed at all if they are irrelevant.

If you’re applying for a position as a copywriter, there is no need to mention your previous experience as a waiter. Keep only relevant experiences on your CV.


4. Maximum 2 pages and keep your education short


What grades you got in university or in high school does not matter too much. Practical experience is what employers value the most. Don’t mention your grades at all and keep your education short, preferably at the end of your CV.

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