Hopefully, you will not follow this outdated job-search advice!

There is a lot of misleading advice on the internet, when it comes to job-search strategies. Very often the intentions of people giving suggestions are benevolent. Oftentimes, however, despite the good intentions, the advice fails to deliver its promises, or it turns out to be counterproductive.

1. Apply in person instead of applying online.

It depends.

In certain industries employers really value people who apply in person. For example, if you are applying for a job in the retail sector or in the food service industry, applying in person is the standard procedure.

In many other industries, particularly in the tech world, applying in person won’t help. On the contrary, it will make you seem unprepared! If you are supposed to apply online by filling out a form and by sending out your CV, deviating from the standard procedure won’t raise your chances.

2. Impress recruiters by creating a flashy CV with plenty of infographics and colors. This will make you stand out.

Absolutely wrong.

A great CV is one that transmits a concise message without extra frills. Recruiters form their first impression regarding a candidate’s suitability in less than a minute. Using complex graphics and a layout that requires careful attention is counterproductive. Also, many candidates ignore the fact that after the first round of screenings the CV will be printed on A4 sheets of paper in black and white tones.

It is much more challenging to write and design a CV that is simple and yet very effective in communicating the message. The choices that needed to be made go beyond simple design. It’s a matter of using proper language and organizing the contents in a logical manner that makes it clear who you are and what you would like to achieve.

3. You should call after the interview and follow up on your application. If you don’t do so, they will think that you are not interested.

Don’t take this advice literally!

Many people misinterpret this advice thinking that they should simply call to ask how their application is going. Not only are recruiters not going to release this information to you, but they will also regard you as a pushy and insistent. That’s not good for your chances!

A much better strategy, if you are really interested in the job position, is to contact the person who interviewed you with a specific question about the scope of the position you applied for. It is not unlikely that the first interview was very short and that many questions remained open at the end. Asking a good question will show that you are interested in the position and show that you are serious about it.